To be human is finally to be a loser, for we are all fated to lose our carefully constructed sense of self, our physical strength, our health, our precious dignity, and finally our lives. A refusal to tolerate this reality is a refusal to tolerate life, and art based on the empowering message and positive image is just such a refusal.

β€”Mary Gaitskill, Somebody with a Little Hammer: Essays


Kicked around a tucked away used book store in Tangier and time-traveled back to circa 1990.


After searching for weeks, I found – in a Tangier book store, no less – what looks like a great English language book on Moroccan history. With a subtitle like this, I had to buy it.

Tangier: From the Romans to The Rolling Stones


With four days until release, I’m really hoping that Ready Player Two is half as fun as the original. πŸ“š

Want to read: True Names and The Openings of the Cyberspace Frontier by Vernor Vinge πŸ“š

Currently reading: Economics in the Age of COVID-19 by Joshua Gans πŸ“š

πŸ“š Eager to dig into The Price of Tomorrow, at a time when the US Fed is printing trillions of dollars out of thin air.