Indistinguishable from magic.

πŸ“Ί Amber Run - 52 Blue (Live with London Contemporary Voices)


The new album from Angel Olsen is an absolute stunner.


A beautiful, new track from another artist I discovered this year, SYML: β€œThe Dark”.


Released just three weeks ago, My Morning Jacket’s The Waterfall II is shaping up to be one of my favorite albums of the year.

The more I listen, the more nuance I pick up in the writing, melodies, rhythms, and engineering. So good.


I miss live music.

Illiterate Light are one of my top new bands of 2020. They’ve just followed up their self-titled debut with a live EP. It makes for bitter-sweet listening.

Two of the new recordings were made here in Nashville, at indie venue Basement East. It was all but destroyed in March of this year by a tornado.

Basement East after tornado strikes
Credit: Billboard

I miss live music. More than that, my heart goes out to all those in the arts struggling to make it through this pandemic.

🎡 β€œCarloline Lorelei (Live at The Basement)”

🎡 My top pick for this #NewMusicFriday: β€œWristwatch” by Husky, from their new prerelease album, Stardust Blues.

Yesterday’s unexpected Guns N’ Roses cover released by (presumably) the estate of Chris Cornell really grabbed me. I’m such a fan of his music. His loss was tragic.

🎡 β€œPatience” (Cover)

🎡 The new single from Palace, β€œSomeday, Somewhere,” is just right for a lazy Sunday.

🎡 Massive Attack weigh in on universal basic income and the state of the world with a new track and short film. Whatever one’s views on UBI, it’s worth a watch and listen.

🎡 It was worth the five-year wait. The Waterfall II from My Morning Jacket is a gem.